Thursday 13: Late winter life and times

Let the world rejoice, it’s almost Daylight Saving time! Okay, let those of us who work between California and Arizona rejoice, at least, because all of my calendars will be back in the same time zone for the next 8 months. (Do recall that idiotic independently minded Arizona does not observe the time change.) So while we prepare to spring forward and leap towards the end of winter (set those clocks ahead one hour this Saturday night), I thought what better time for a little Thursday 13 life snapshot.

1. A recent photo:

It’s starting to feel less and less like winter with trees and shrubs blooming like this gorgeous azaelea.

2. Reading right now: “The Supreme Macaroni Company” and “The Fall of Giants, Book 1” (audiobook).

3. Current obsession: Homemade ice cream with recipes exclusively from Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams.

Homemade vanilla bean and chocolate ice creams, with homemade whipped cream and homemade salted caramel sauce. It’s no wonder my pants are perpetually tight. If you’re an at-home ice cream maker, buy Jeni’s book, stat.

4. A point of pride: Mr. T and 49 friends flew in a world record 50 ship formation flight over NASCAR last weekend!

Learn more about the World Record 50-Ship formation over NASCAR at Phoenix International Raceway. So cool.

5. Some things I’m looking forward to: Our friend Axel’s ice cream social fly-in birthday party and a couple days at Dillons Beach with friends. Cannot wait for some down time!

6. Immediate to-dos: A pile of grading (what fun it is to teach a writing class) and several conference deadlines at the end of the month. My biggest annual academic convention–The National Communication Association–is celebrating it’s 100th anniversary this year. Must get a few items polished and submitted so I can visit Chicago!

7. Cool writing achievements: Last month I had my third post featured on the homepage of

Pictured is my review of The Circle. My post on blogging for 20 years and a plea to “Stop Bright-siding Me” were also featured within the last couple months. So cool!

8. Weighing heavily: Hoping for favorable outcomes on the job apps I’ve submitted!

9. An exciting project: I’ve been working with Above the Fray, a (soon-to-be) nonprofit organization that is developing curriculum and tools to teach teens, parents and educators about safe and responsible social media use. We’ve just finished week three of focus groups with teens and I’m marveling at what the kids have shared. More on that soon!

We’ve asked our teen participants to choose nicknames, which we had them write on namecards. I love how the art has progressed week to week.

10. An uphill battle: Weeds! It seems Mother Nature has opted to address the California drought finally. The result of blessedly needed rain? Weeds, weeds, everywhere. And since the Back 40 revamp kicked off in December, I actually care to keep them tame. Any fabulous suggestions?

Japanese maple is starting to bloom! I’ve been out with round up and will be getting lots of bark soon.

11. A sad goodbye: We said farewell to the Stearman last weekend. Expect a full post with photos of my last flight soon, but suffice to say, I am one sad girl.

Mr. T’s flying club traded the Stearman for a Cessna 190. Le sigh.

12. Where I want to be:

Garden boxes, prepare to be filled up soon!

13. Something joyful: My little niece is five weeks old and feisty!

Nothing sweeter than a happy sleeping baby.


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