Why National Pi Day means so much to me

Breakfast of champions, really.

We’re having significant leftovers for dinner. Yes, significant. Two kinds of pie–the beefy guinness-y pot pie variety, and razzleberry goodness, a la mode, of course.

Why significant? Well, for one, it’s National Pi Day (March 14, 3.14, get it?), and I’m all about celebrating random holidays. But really, I’m about celebrating this random holiday because it happens to be the date I FINISHED MY DISSERTATION!

One year ago today, I submitted my dissertation to committee for review. After years of gathering data, months and months of writing, and give or take 65 Cadbury Creme Eggs, I got the diss done and then immediately left the house to find pie. (Well, I immediately had a glass of bubbly, danced around the office, and kissed Mr. T, then went for pie.)

I recall zombie wandering around Safeway hunting for ready made, but finding only icky-looking apple. It occurred to me when I got home with a frozen Sara Lee cherry that in my state of is-it-really-over-I-don’t-remember-sleeping-for-awhile stupor, I probably shouldn’t have been driving. But I found pie and eventually, rest. (And the next day, a devil of a cold.)

A year on, I still can’t believe the book is done, the odyssey of grad school over. Things haven’t gone the way I expected in the last 365, but life is sweet (there’s pie, how could it not be?), and I am so, so grateful to those who helped me achieve this milestone!


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