#100HappyDays and 24 Hours of Happy

Image from 24 Hours of Happy.

He snoozed his loud alarm twice. Then he flopped over on my stomach. Then he took a phone call. Then brushed his teeth over me. When he started playing something noisy on my phone, I was ready to fly out of bed in a half-asleep rage. What a terrible wake-up call!

But then I heard the sounds of Happy.

Yes, the first few bars of Pharrell William’s simple, catchy, Oscar-nominated tune. And I did my best bed-dance and woke up with laughter and joy.

I’m smiling as I write because this song’s been a familiar presence in our house this week since Mr. T introduced me to “24 Hours of Happy” which is Williams’ 24-hour music video. Really it’s a web site with a collection of clips of people dancing down LA streets to “Happy,” one after the other over a period of 24 hours.

It sounds bizarre, but it’s really the most wonderful website. People, old and young, able bodied and not, all colors and abilities, dancing. It’s. So. HAPPY.

Given my wake-up this morning, I chose a screen shot of one of my favorite dancers as my very first #100HappyDays contribution. Yes, I’m joining the Happy bandwagon to share 100 snippets of happy. (Find out more at 100HappyDays.com.)

What’s making you happy today?


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