#100HappyDays: West Coast Formation Clinic 2014

Mr. T leading the ground school for safety and lead pilots at the West Coast Formation Clinic affiliated with the West Coast Ravens Formation Flying Team.

Today’s happy? Getting to the West Coast Formation Clinic in Madera, CA and seeing my favorite formation fliers. This weekend is all about watching folks learning and practicing formation flying in Vans RVs. Hopefully the weather will start cooperating!


1. 24 Hours of Happy
2. If loving a wheelbarrow is wrong…
3. A trip to the nursery
4. Transplants
5. Sweet peas
6. Cool as a…
7. A Butterfinger Blizzard
8. Happiness by the yard
9. Keeping the vampires at bay
10. Giving P.F. Chang’s a run for its money
11. A little Spring snow in the Sierras
12. Communing with fellow comm nerds
13. Ladies’ night
14. Ten Thousand Waves in Santa Fe, New Mexico
15. The shredded cedar fitness plan
16. Baby’s first Easter
17. Bathmat runways
18. Oasis in progress
19. My kind of Easter egg hunt
20. Mass cookie production

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