“Read and Return” program perfect for flying bookworms

One of my guilty pleasures as a library-going, Kindle-owning bookworm? Buying new reads at the airport.

Do not ask me why, but I enjoy the little thrill of occasionally splurging on a best seller between destinations. Thinking back, I can link different trips to certain books—Like my Portland job interview, where I scooped up The Dark Witch on the way, or the time I ironically impulse purchased Will Power before heading home from a Phoenix business trip.

Happily, my occasional literary indulgences just got cheaper!

Last month I discovered the “Read and Return” program at Paradies Books, which operates news/snacks stores in airports across the country. The gist is you buy a book, read it, and then return it for half of the purchase price on your next trip. AND, even better, you can often pick up returned books for a discount.

Although I fly a fraction of what I did over the last several years, I’m delighted to take advantage of this new program. Right now I’m reading The Interestings. Stay tuned for a book review.


P/S Sacramento readers: In the new B terminal, the Read & Return bookstore is across from Esquire Grill.

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