#100HappyDays: Moms love waffles

In case you need the best Belgian waffles on the planet, I have the recipe for you here.

While I normally only make waffles once a year (well my waffles, anyway), I am happy to bend the rules for a worthy request. Like out of town sisters. Or new members of the family. Or mom types.

So this Mother’s Day, we corralled four of our favorite moms–our mothers and sisters–and stuffed them full of Christmas favorites. Wafflers. Sausages. Tim’s now-famous compote, taters, and eggs. And a couple pounds of bacon. Glorious!

My lovely Marm, two Tims and Ray-Dad.
Ray-Dad sneaking in another photo, Mom-5, Tiffany, Emily (on her first-ever Mother’s Day!) and Jeff. For some reason, I have no images of crankypants Adelynn who chose to sleep or cry through brunch.
We were supposed to dine al fresco for our very first Back 40 meal, but the 15 mph wind put a damper on that!


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