#100HappyDays: It’s good to be king

“I am Goliath and I sit where I want.” June 11, 2014

For awhile, I thought our 13-year old dog was stone deaf. He wasn’t heeding commands. He didn’t give any response to loud screams of “GOLIATH, NO! GO! NO, NOT ON THE NEIGHBOR’S LAWN. $%^*!”

So I enlisted Mr. T to help with an experiment. We started whispering. Turns out that while Goliath cannot acknowledge the shouts of his mistress out of doors, he can damn well pick up “Cookie” and “Wanna go out” in less than library level tones.

Thus, we are firmly in the era of old age and treachery. Old Man Dog sleeps where he wants, including, of course, where you want to walk. He goes out when he wants, or at least he’ll bark until we open the back door. And lately, he sits where he wants, including, naturally, on dainty little bits of landscaping. Because that’s how Goliath rolls.

Do you have a fun old dog story?


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