#100HappyDays: Rocking the International Communication Association convention

My presentation title page for one of the Organizational Communication Division “B.E.S.T. Sessions” at the International Communication Association convention, May 25, 2014

The mission was straightforward: To prepare a 4.5 minute presentation for the “Brief Entertaining Scholarly Talk” (aka B.E.S.T) session that covers the high points of a 25 page research paper in an engaging, “high energy” manner.

But how does one best convey complex research in a fraction of the usual time frame?

For me: A movie trailer. More specifically, an “Honest Trailer”-style preview complete with “Movie Voice” voice-over (Thank you, Mr. T) and hilarious photos.

It’s the only presentation I’ve ever given without saying more than a few words. Annnnnd, I won the Best-of competition, thankyouverymuch! (Please polish Mr. T’s Oscar.)



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