#100HappyDays: Birthday time

A birthday gazing ball crafted by my lovely mother

My birthday fell on a Monday this year so I knew it was going to be mellow. But I couldn’t stop myself from packing in as much low-key celebrating as possible. Like birthday sushi and life saving and home cooking.

The Tasmanian roll at Mikuni Sushi, my current favorite. With salmon, asparagus and lemon, it tastes like spring.
Donating platelets seemed noble but contributed to the mellowness of the day for sure. Can’t party hard when you’re sharing precious bodily fluids. ha.
Birthday treats to follow the delicious steak prepared by Mr. T. For my Sacramento Raley’s and Bel Air shoppers: The lava cake pictured right is SO worth the time and calories. The fruit tart, not so much.
Nothing says birthday like commanding the evening TV programming. I forced Mr. T to watch a wacky childhood favorite–Nothing But Trouble–starring John Candy, Dan Ackroyd, Chevy Chase and Demi Moore. My sis sent me the film partly for old time’s sake but mostly for the line: “You have a beamer, ACT LIKE IT.” (I could never explain why this is funny, just trust me.)

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