A grateful heart: My thanks to those who serve

Jason Sommes flying the Grumman Bearcat in Watsonville, CA. Photo by yours truly.

A couple weeks ago, a colleague asked me how my flying lessons were going. I shared about a recent adventure flying to the Watsonville Airshow all by myself (more on that soon), and how thrilling (the more uplifting version of ‘terrifying’) it was to maneuver in that hectic environment. He commented something like “Can you imagine landing on an aircraft carrier?” Umm, no.

My mind went to World War II and the young people flying birds like the Bearcat above in hostile territory, landing in inhospitable conditions. My student pilot brain couldn’t wrap around flying a warbird as an unseasoned pilot, let alone in battle. Simply unfathomable.

And today, Veterans Day, I’ve reflected on how lucky I am that personally experiencing war or military service has heretofore been an unfathomable concept. I am grateful to the men and women who serve, who sacrifice time with their families, and sometimes give their lives to protect people like me. Thank you, veterans!


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