It’s not Easter without lamb cake

“Old fashioned lamb cake… Just like you remember.”

Old fashioned lamb cake, definitely the funniest dessert I’ve ever seen. It reminded me of the armadillo groom’s cake from the movie Steel Magnolias.

It wasn’t the description that sold my sister Emily, but it gave us a good laugh after Easter dinner tonight. No one remembers a lamb cake in the history of Easter (or the history of ever), but it proved a most hilarious dessert with requests for shoulder, rump, rack of lamb, chops, etc.

My only regret: It was just yellow cake inside, no red velvet or even raspberry filling. But I’m so grateful for a family with such a wicked sense of humor!

Although I’m sure it will be demolished by tomorrow, no one could bear to eat the head. I texted the one sibling who didn’t make dinner: “We saved the head for you.” HA!

Happy Easter all!


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