On birthdays and brain mortgages

“How old are you going to be this year?”


“34? Are you sure? How old am I again?”

“What year is it?”

Yeah, those are snippets of actual conversations from around the Redden abode as my June birthday approached. Apparently we’ve lost all track of our middlin’, non-milestone ages as of late.

Though I’m not bothered by the getting older (yet?), it’s a little strange sometimes. Like the other night, when making fun of So You Think You Can Dance contestants’ penchant for performing backwards-facing splits whilst looking suggestively over their shoulders (see here).

I got into split position and was poised for mockery when my feet slid out awkwardly. Thanks to a double gym class earlier that day, I could barely walk as it was. I ended up feet out, buns up, hands splayed on the ground in front of me trying not to hit my head on an end table before completely crumpling. I cackled as Mr. T yelled “33!”, teasing me about not being so young and spry anymore. I was the height of sexy, let me tell you.

Luckily, four days later I can almost walk normally again. Almost.

All of that said, get older I did, celebrating my birthday for the last several weeks. It’s been glorious. The pinnacle, naturally, was very hip and high adventure: We paid off my brain mortgage! I may be old-ish and out of shape, but hot damn, I own all of my smarts now.


P/S Some celebration snaps:

Bright birthday flowers from dear friends.
Do you have a flag? Early birthday awesome: A 16-year dream come true! 
This genius got me Eddie Izzard tickets back in February. February. So much time to get excited!
Fell in love with Eddie Izzard when I first saw Dress to Kill in 1999.
Eddie Izzard’s show, Force Majeure, sold out in Sacramento. LOVED the vibe and everyone’s excitement.
Threw a little shindig in June to celebrate all things summer. Had a fun time with friends and family, burning thighs not withstanding. (There’s apparently a relationship–the more awkward the pose, the slower the camera person!)
I love when the hottest day of the summer is when I decide to throw a party, but thankfully the Delta breeze showed up. Really grateful for our beautiful community of family and friends.
The best! I keep threatening to tack it to the front door.
Day-of celebrations, Cold Stone and girly craft project not pictured. 
Day-after birthday “gift” involved paying off the brain mortgage (student loans!). I figured homemade peach pie was a worthy reward for owning my smarts outright.
Belated birthday and Father’s Day shindig. In case you wonder, Lady A has grandpa wrapped around her little finger.
Yellow cake, chocolate frosting and SPRINKLES. Yayass. Thank you, Marm! 
Becoming a crazy bird lady requires bird-ish accoutrements like this gorgeous house from my inlaws Mom-5 and Ray-Dad. Just waiting for some residents to move in!

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