A grateful heart: My favorite month is finally here!

Other things I love about June: My spring flowers (and lawn) aren’t dead yet. HA!

I can’t be the only one feeling a bit blind sided by the date. June 1? How did we get almost halfway through 2019 already?? I blame Sacramento’s weirdo weather. (Did you hear? We had the rainiest May in HISTORY this year!) Perhaps the surprising (and spectacular) extended spring showers have contributed to my date confusion. All I know is that I woke up thrilled this morning (not the least of which because I beat my sister at Rabbit Rabbit).

June is a magical month for me. The first blush of summer. Stone fruits. The solstice. Cool mornings and long evenings. Tomatoes on the vine. The start of the academic summer where we’re all still cheerfully lying to ourselves about the great promise of productivity. And of course, the best holiday of them all (my birthday, duh).

Although I’m admittedly cranky about the weather jumping from 65 to 95 in the course of one week, I’m grateful for this, my favorite of months.


P/S A few more spring flower snaps that make me happy about June

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