A grateful heart: Getting featured on BlogHer

Pretty jazzed to have been featured on the BlogHer homepage. Definitely a writing achievement.

When I joined the National Blog Posting Month party a few weeks ago, I was mostly hoping to get back into the habit of blogging regularly. The whole writing-a-dissertation-starting-new-jobs-learning-to-fly business got in the way of writing, as you might imagine.

I couldn’t be more pleased or grateful that one of my “NaBloPoMo” posts was recently featured on BlogHer, an incredible site that focuses on the writing and interests of women. I wrote about keeping a journal for the past 20 something years and the response? Incredible. I haven’t had so many wonderful comments to address since the Southwest 812 “sunroof airplane” incident. I must admit, it’s a heady to feeling to know folks are reading and liking my words!

Big thanks to the editors at BlogHer and of course everyone who’s read and commented!


National Blog Posting Month:

Day 14- Cliteracy

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