The maiden voyage

So one day last week I decided: ‘Okay fine, I will write a blog.’ I’ve always liked to write, though usually it’s just for me, in volumes and volumes and still more volumes of journals. But for some reason lately, I’ve felt compelled to share. Perhaps it’s because I’m moving away to Cactus Land and want to keep in touch. Perhaps it’s because I’m getting conceited enough to think people will actually want to know the inner workings of my brains. Or perhaps it’s because my friend Bethany’s blog is so freaking hilarious, I feel like providing even a sliver of that joy to my peoples would be a worthwhile endeavor. Whatever the reason, here I am.

new-blogHere I am, all pissed off already! Someone stole the name I wanted! Didn’t they know that five years ago I created the business Blue Muse? Didn’t they know that eons later, when the business never went anywhere and my plans changed, that I might want to use that name in a blog only me and my three friends might read? Seriously.

So as “The Bluest Muse,” I digress… We’ll see how this blog goes. Partly it will be proof to my family and friends that I am, in fact, still alive despite not calling very much. Partly it will be free therapy and a companion for my long, lonely days in the desert. Mostly, it will be another tool of procrastination from doctoral studies. (As if Facebook wasn’t enough!)

I hope you, whoever you are, enjoy these ramblings. And dear Lord, I hope I don’t get myself into too much trouble!


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