Cultivating Happiness, on someone else’s blog

Click here to find out what hummingbirds have to do with happiness!

Want to know about cultivating authentic happiness? Well, head on over to Jehara and find out.

A few weeks ago, my lovely friend Soleil asked me to guest post while she’s on vacation. Do you know that it’s both significantly easier and harder to write for someone else?? Easier in that I immediately knew what I wanted to write about–I’d been ruminating on “everyday magic” all summer–but so much harder, too. Who is her audience? Do I try to write for them? Will they appreciate my dorkiness? What if she hates my post?

In the end, I just stopped worrying and started writing. With a focus on signature strengths, flow and gratitude, I think it turned out pretty well. Click here and let me know if you agree!


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