Whoa baby, I’m a big giant nerd

One of the things I liked best about grad school was being in the company of other people who enjoy school, just like me. The first day of my master’s program was such a blast because I realized that I wasn’t the only nerd in the world. I discovered that other people cared about words and messages and persuasion and all things communication, just like me! Of course, the shine does wear off… can you say THESIS anyone? But still… even three years later, my nerdy friends and I still have passion about our discipline.cactus-labyrinth

And then I started PhD school. Not even school, orientation! I’ve only been around for two days and I’ve met people with such passion and drive for their respective areas of focus that I am astounded. From the inspiring professors with a zillion projects in the hopper, to brand new students like me with grand plans for publishing, this environment is so damn exciting. I do realize that next week when the syllabi are handed out and I’ve given up sleeping for reading and grading papers that I might have a slightly different perspective, but for now I will celebrate my nerdness happily!

In other news:

– I didn’t get lost once today!
– I finally bought groceries so there is more than spaghetti and yogurt in the fridge. (Although I fibbed to my little fiance who asked me what I eat in Arizona. I told him “Big giant lizards” and next time, “A side of cactus”)
– I learned that Phoenix is the number 3 city in the country for road rage.
– I understand the aforementioned statistic because of all the freaking red light and speeding cameras… even on surface streets!!

That’s all for now. Must get back to my syllabus.


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