A gym-piphany

After my rigorous cardio during which I read vampire porn (as T refers to the Twilight series that I’m reading now for the third time (I can’t help it, it’s my thing, let it go. (That’s for you, Shannon))), I switched to the treadmill and busted out some homework. While reading Robert Cialdini’s “Influence,” I was struck by his chapter on consistency. In particular, I honed in on his line of thought (confirmed by a zillion other people including car dealers and pyramid schemers alike) that what we put into writing, we often do.Consistency

We want to be consistent with our line of reasoning and especially what we put out in the world, (semi) permanently, on paper. While Cialdini talked in depth about how the Chinese forced American POWs to write themselves into communist sympathizing during the Korean war, I thought about my PhD (stay with me here). To everyone who asks me how long the program is, I say: “The program is four years but I’m going to get it done in three. Ideally, I’ll do my coursework in no more than two years, take comps and finish my dissertation in the third year.” I typically joke that “If I say it, it will get done, right??”

Well hell Cialdini, you better be right, I’m WRITING IT DOWN.

To all 9 of you who are following this thing (but mostly to me): I AM FINISHING MY PHD IN NO MORE THAN THREE YEARS. I will finish my coursework in no more than two years. I will kick ass on my comps. I will produce an award-winning dissertation. I will become a millionaire so T can retire at 45 and fly me around the country for my various teaching/speaking engagements in one of our many warbirds. Oh, and I will get my pool, dammit.

That’s all for now!


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