Agent Malvini’s nerdy grad school exploits

One of the more surprising things about graduate school is that group projects do not cease to suck even at that high level. If anything, people are busier and crankier, and despite the high expectations, group projects are still a pain in the ass to coordinate. I find it completely ironic that although I teach small group communication this semester and have hounded my undergraduates about advanced preparation, my group finished our presentation approximately 20 minutes before class tonight. (Cue that lame line about working better under pressure.)

In any case, we kind of kicked ass tonight. Our task was to explicate a traditional area of communication. Instead of droning on about organizational communication theory, we turned it into an investigation of “organized” communication and put together rap sheets of the key players (aka professors) in the organized communication “syndicate.” It’s incredibly dorky, I know, but apparently even grad school can be fun in the 15th week. (Did I mention we dressed up and called each other agent? Yep. It’s true.)

Sadly, I don’t have pictures of Agent Fleischer and Agent Huffman, but I took some self-portraits so you can get the effect. (Note, I had to google “how to tie a tie” this afternoon.)

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