Another reason why I have to believe in karma

At the end of another endless Thursday–a day when I’m on campus for 14 hours or more–I found myself finally free. I was headed to my apartment to pack for another trip home! Talking to T, we recounted some of the day’s events. I think I was telling him how good my classes were for the first time this semester when BAM! <shriek!>

Hit and run“THAT ASSHOLE HIT ME!!!!!” I yelled. “HE HIT ME AND THEN DROVE AWAY!!!!!!!!!”

[Cue tears]

T’s response: “Are you okay?”

Me: [More tears.]

Just then, a police man drives up on the sidewalk. Apparently an officer in the ASU PD witnessed the whole thing and then sped off after the brand-new blue sedan with California plates.

What felt like an eternity but was probably only 10 minutes passed and the police man came back. The Blue Bastard got away! Since my accident happened on a surface street and not on the campus proper, I was in Tempe jurisdiction and thus had to wait.

Twenty minutes or so pass and in inspecting the damage, I realize I’m quite lucky. I was stopped when the Blue Bastard hit me and since he/she wasn’t going very fast, I wasn’t hurt. And my car seemed okay… some scratches, but definitely driveable. I got a police report but have no recourse since neither the policeman or I caught the license plate. That jerk got off scott free.

[Cue anger.]

SERIOUSLY? This is the longest day ever. Why did this have to happen to me? What a freaking hassle! Do I have to call insurance? Why is this taking so long? Why did that jerk drive away? Why can’t people take responsibility for their actions? THANK TODD I don’t have to reschedule my flight tomorrow. DAMN, I’m glad it wasn’t my fault! SERIOUSLY!

[Cue guilt.]

SERIOUSLY? You are so lucky, chill the hell out. You were JUST talking to someone whose dear friend’s husband is dying from colon cancer, just lost his job and doesn’t know how to support his family. A fender bender is something to be thankful for by comparison.

[Cue acceptance.]

Yes, this isn’t that bad. No pity parties. Be thankful for being alive. Go home and get some sleep!

So here I am, all packed, thankful not to be hurt, excited to go to sleep and happy that I believe in karma. Dear Blue Bastard, what goes around comes around!


P/S A note to the officers in the ASU and Tempe police departments respectively: If you are going to chew tobacco, perhaps find a place to spit your goo somewhere else than the sidewalk where your accident victim is standing. Having to dodge puddles after a Blue Bastard hits you is less than pleasant. Thanks!

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