Doctors are people, too

StethoscopeI am a glutton for punishment. As a new doctoral student, I couldn’t just dip my toe into the pond of research. No, I had to dive in head first. I had to approach a difficult population with a mixed-methods technique in the “real world” using a post-test only, control group experimental design. (I have only a limited idea of what that actually means, by the way.) And so, here I am: a one chick rock band violently beating my own drum on what could be a dissertation project. Although I am completely under water at the present time, I’m learning a lot.

For example, did you know that doctors are people, too? When I proposed the study of physicians in a health system, I was met with complete incredulity that I could get it done. “Doctors are busy.” “Doctors don’t have time for research.” “Doctors won’t take time out of their day to talk to you.” I agree with the premise that doctors are busy. After all, time is money and I am not a patient who needs care. However, I’ve been pleasantly–okay, ecstatically–surprised with the willingness of physicians to take 20-30 minutes out of their day to answer my questions. I’m finding that physicians are actually happy to voice their opinions (of which there are many, fyi), and that they seem to be happy to help a student who is determined to make their organization a better place.

Here’s hoping that 10 more join my cause in the next week and that a few thousand of their friends answer my survey in coming months!


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