“Of Brides and Zillas”

Like many soon-to-be brides, I be-bop around the wedding blog scene looking for ideas. Occasionally I find inspiration like the Offbeat Bride’s recent post entitled “Of Brides and Zillas.” Had I time and available brain cells, I would compose a lengthy reply relating her ideas to relevant communication theory. Alas for me, and probably yay for you, I have neither of those things. Suffice to say: If you’re planning a wedding and need some sane advice dealing with the pressures of family, friends and every nosey woman under the sun (believe me, everyone has an opinion*), check out this post. It’s lengthy, but worth the read.


*To my moms and friends, don’t worry. I’m not actually talking about you although yes, Marm, you can have the aisle runner and yes, Shan, we can have champagne. xo!

Photo by Diana Mattos and found on the Offbeat Bride.

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