The blog-o-sphere or the Shawna-sphere?

2012-07-14-internet-commentsThe other day, I received a blog comment that I didn’t particularly like. While I’m up for criticism of ideas, the post attacked me as a person and I decided that wasn’t okay. I discerned a few options- write back, ignore it or delete the comment. When considering deletion I thought–oh no, that’s against the spirit of social media. There should be transparency and an exchange of ideas, etc., etc. However, I realized that I’m not writing on behalf of an organization, I’m writing about me (mostly) and how I see the world. This is my little postage stamp of space on the internets and if I’m not interested in airing dirty laundry in front of my 14 fans, that’s okay. So, I deleted the comment. I still feel a little weird about it not being a supporter of censorship and all, but I figure keeping things peaceable around these parts is a worthy goal. We’ll see.


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