Small joys

It was one of those weeks. Monstrous looming deadlines, ridiculous emotional drama, minuscule amounts of sleep, and massive loads of homework combined to produce one exhausted me. Contrasting with the bleariness of the week, some recent moments of joy have helped lift my spirits…
– Having lunch/drinks with grad school comrades. Some days it really sucks to be a student, but it helps knowing you’re not alone.

– Really good cheese sticks enjoyed with excellent company. (See above.)

– The enthusiasm of a 2-year old. Apple juice and donuts never made anyone else happier.

– Marmaduke in the flesh.

– Getting a venti at the grande price.

– Old souls holding hands.

– Burly gym dudes teaching each other yoga moves. (Trying to surreptitiously watch is hard to do in mirrored rooms, but it was SO cute I couldn’t help myself.)

Had any joy in your days lately?


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