Balloons? Paint? Running through a field? How to approach engagement photos…

Terrible engagement pic
Hey, this could totally work.

Next week Mr. T and I will be doing the engagement photog thing. I’m excited and nervous. We’ve never sat for portraits together. Indeed, it’s been a decade since I had my own portrait professionally taken (the Olan Mills church directory debacle not-withstanding). How does one prepare? I assume I will break out the night before and I’m praying my fab photographer Beth can clear things up via Photoshop. But what to wear? I’ve seen the gamut online–everyday jeans to ball gowns, etc. What makes sense? Look like me in my regular jeans and t-shirt? Or gussy it up a bit?
And what about props/themes? I have to laugh at the wedding blogs online. There are: diner shoots, and trailer park shoots, vintage hats, fishnets and umbrellas, and couples painting each other. I admire the creativity but wonder–are those real couples? How do they keep from giggling hysterically in those get-ups, and/or being palpably awkward and uncomfortable?

As this post is my “break” from homework, I’m decidedly over-thinking this and so I digress… Do you have any advice? Anything you would have done differently if given the chance? Any must-have shots? Do tell!


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