Will power and rewards

I don’t know that this is specific to grad school, but often I find myself playing motivation games. Not that it works all of the time, but I tell myself things like:
If you finish your stack of articles, you can go to the gym.
Once you get that paper drafted, you can make lunch.
When the grading is done, you can read wedding blogs online.

WillpowerThis week? If you get all of your articles read today (Friday), tomorrow* you can buy/watch New Moon!

Yes, I realize the self talk and buying of ridiculous tween movies makes me sound nuts, but I just can’t help myself. At this point in the semester, the crazy is utterly necessary.


* So the tomorrow buying is probably going to be tonight buying. I don’t think my willpower can last. And no, I haven’t finished my articles! (Shh, don’t tell…)

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