Peace, love and aeroplanes: The preview

One of the things I love bestest about our wedding photographer is that she seems to have even less patience than I do (I didn’t think that was even possible!). She totally sent us a sneak peek of our photos in 24 hours. Woot!

Since there aren’t enough words to express the fabulousness of Beth B. from True Love Photo, with her permission, I shall show you…

This one might be my favorite photo of all time. Ever. Ever. Ever. Thank you to whomever decided to bring their Albatross to Executive, I appreciate it!

Beth said “Pretend like I’m not even here.” Result? Twirling.

In case you missed it the first three times I’ve posted it here… Do you have a flag?

I see this and think: Yep, that’s how damn happy we are. So glad the smooshy love shows up on (digital) film.

My friend says I look like Cher in this picture. Hmm.

A huge thank you to Mr. Randy Winn for letting us stand all over his T-28. Now, here’s hoping he lets me get a ride in it one of these days!!

Not sure what I’m doing here, but it was fun to be clowning around in the Stearman. I’m uncertain how many red stilettos have graced that plane before me. 😉

Ah, ode to Edward and Bella. I still can’t believe I laid down in weeds and foxtails in the most expensive dress I own.

So that was the sneak preview, stay tuned for more fabulousness from Beth!


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