Rain, rain is here to stay. Engagement photogs another day!

When I left Cactus Land yesterday, it was a breezy 75 degrees. The day before was 85. The day before that, 90. I’m solidly in Spring/early Summer mode. I’ve busted out the sandals and even bought my first sundress of the season (ostensibly to wear for our engagement photo session today). Picture my devastation (and freeze-ation) when I woke up to a solid-slate sky with bursts of precipitation and icy wind. Ugh.

I held out hope that the weather would improve until lunch when I spoke to Beth, our ever-energetic photographer. She apologized profusely for the failure in her weather-controlling powers and suggested we reschedule. And so we did… two more weeks of worrying about what to wear and whether or not my skin will turn teenager on me. At least I have more time to even out the tan (thank you Phoenix) and find a cute shirt. Woo!


P/S Mr. T says now he has time to ask his friend to pull out the T-28 for the shoot. Can you picture me draped over one of these? Too fun!

Photo: Richard Seaman, the Flying Kiwi.

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