Say ‘cheeseburger macaroni’!!

Mother Nature poured out her blessings upon us yesterday as we had the PERFECT weather for our engagement shoot with the fabulous Beth B. from True Love Photo. Beth and her adorable man, Brad, joined us out at Executive Airport where we enjoyed the blue sky, bright sunshine and oh yeah, zee planes!

Although it’s been less than 24 hours, I’m ready to see the photos already! I want to see the warm-up pics standing on the T-28 (Thank you Randy!!). I want to see the sunlit shots in front of the Albatross*, all fashion-model style. I’m dying to see how the RV-4 looks with us all smooshy in love in front of it. Oh, and did I mention the field? We climbed a grassy hill in our finery and of course, laid down in the flowering weeds. It was total Bella & Edward style, and I couldn’t help but giggle. Oh yeah, there was also a flag** and the cursory American Gothic pose. And finally, the pièce de résistance: yummy golden-hour light with the Stearman. The vibe was vintage 40s and I sure hope we pulled it off! (If not, I’m certain the bird will look beautiful!)

It was SO RAD!

I worried about us being awkward, but the dorkiness shined through. My favorite part? Laughing for a couple solid hours and of course, the kissing***. Hold onto your hats folks, it was PDA central. Slow motion kisses, almost-kisses, eskimo kisses, full on passionate kisses… between you and me, I had to reapply my lipstick about 75 times. (Note: Mr. T pulled off the red shade very well.) Speaking of T, he was a very good sport. I worried because he’s been having major ankle pain lately and I knew running around creation and mugging for the camera would be a lot for him right now. But he was fabulous and we celebrated at Chicago Fire right afterward. Teehee!

So now, I will (im)patiently wait for the photos to manifest themselves and get back to my damn homework. (Oi!)


P/S Bonus points for anyone who can explain the title of this post.

The birds:

* A TOTAL bonus!

** Do you have a flag??

*** Check out this interesting kiss trivia.

T-28 and Albatross photos from The Flying Kiwi.

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