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1. If you’ve been anywhere near my exclamation point-ridden Facebook page, you’ll know that my ebay dress arrived yesterday and it is now THE dress, versus A dress. I am so freaking excited, I can’t stand myself. For $178, I have a gorgeous, full-on princess dress that needs no alterations. Maybe I WILL actually stick to my wedding budget. Hooray!free-wedding-dress-clipart

2. Also exclamation point worthy, I won a prize from the Broke-Ass Bride’s “Wedding in a Week” giveaway contest. (Big thanks to Mrs. Spurgison for turning me on to that blog and giving me yet another tool of procrastination, as if I needed more.) Mr. T and I are now the proud recipients of a custom made map from Pantomime Papers. Not something I would have paid for myself what with my budget constraints, but SUPER fun!

3. My dearest Shannon and her photography business Mille Feuille Photography were featured in the Examiner after her appearance at the Sacramento Art Festival. WOOHOO!!! If you want Christmas presents, I’d highly suggest her cards and calendars.

4. I got a futon in the mail yesterday. I found it on my apartment patio, all rolled up and weighing a zillion pounds. Me thinks the UPS guy might not like me anymore.

5. My small group communication students have once again reminded me why I want to be a teacher. I built in some time for them to work on their group projects today and I got to overhear what the various groups were planning. My new favorite group (shh, don’t tell) is doing a “cooking show” for the class where they will demonstrate making a cake. The best part is that the ingredients in the cake will be metaphors for small group communication elements, e.g., the eggs will represent the cohesive element because they bind everything together, the baking soda is like leadership because it helps the cake (and the group) to rise. I LOVE the creativity!! Even though I’m exhausted, stressed and behind on life, I had a glimmer today of why I’m working on this doctorate business in the first place. This type of learning and application is so freaking cool!!!

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