Procrastination station

Here’s the thing, my end-of-semester to-do list is seven miles long. With 10 days left to be productive, you’d think I’d be busting my buns, right? Well, no. I look as if my buns are busy. I’m sitting at the computer. Papers are strewn about. Occasionally I tap, tap, tap* the keyboard. All signs point to busy. And yet, nothing is getting crossed off the list. My brain is elsewhere…

Every 15 minutes, I get up to do something. Get a drink. Water plants. Nibble. Flip laundry loads. Put a potroast** in the oven. Play with the dog. When I’m not doing somethings, I’m thinking about somethings. For instance, instead of writing my policy paper, I’m daydreaming about attacking the disaster that is our backyard. I’m imaging what it would be like to watch on-demand on our new Bluray player. I’m mentally constructing the wedding reception floor plan. In short, I am procrastinating.

The irony is not lost on me that I am procrastinating by writing about procrastination, but I’m hoping that by giving in to the urge, I can then clear my head and finish this damn paper. And then my grading. And then my article review. And then, and then, and then.

But first, some photogs:

Goliath is introduced to his new squeak toys compliments
of his dog-mom who can’t say no to cheap 3-packs at Costco.


Goliath shows dominion over the wild beast squeak toys. He has yet to realize
the sqeakers are in the noses. If he had front teeth, he’d tear them out.
I wasn’t kidding when I called it a disaster. I’m a little miffed because I spent SO
much time clearing out the back-40 last spring. Ugh.
Plus, the Lettuce Monster of Doom has taken over my garden box. Note to yourselves:
THIS is what happens when you let lettuce grow to its heart’s content.

Okay, back to work. For reals this time.


* I suppose the tap, tap, tapping doesn’t count when it’s status updates on Facebook, huh?
** This will be my second potroast ever. It’s hour two and the house smells good enough to eat. Keep fingers crossed that this thing turns out. (If it does, I will post my recipe!)

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