T-tests, e-begging, and unpacked boxes: End-of-term ADD

To take a break from my stats practice problems (Oh, how I love T-tests), I checked email and received at least three pleading messages from students. Please, oh, please is there anything we can do to raise our grades before the end of the semester? Oh friends, the fatal flaw in that question is temporal. The semester is already o-v-e-r. No amount of pleading can help when we are post-final exam!

So, to get away from student emails, I thought Why not pack* some boxes? Well, we all know how much fun that is, so I hopped back on the computer to add some more pizazz to my management paper (hope your fingers are still crossed!). After approximately eight minutes of that, here I am. Tired, cranky, ready to be done, ready to be home… but, since no one likes a whiner, I will head to bed.
* I don’t think I’ve mentioned it on the blog, but I’m moving apartments before the semester ends. For me, it means no more crappy upstairs neighbors/icky cockroaches. For you, it means (hopefully) no more I-hate-my-neighbors rants. We shall see! Stay tuned for a debut post about the new pad and my fabulous new roomie!

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