Weak ties rock!

There’s a theory in social networking which has been extended in mathematics and economics (and others, I’m sure): Weak ties work. Meaning, you can get more information and connections from people outside of your primary social network. If you read Malcolm Gladwell’s The Tipping Point, for example, you know that you’re more likely to find a new job through your weak ties versus close friends. Those who you are less close to can lead you to new opportunities and experiences because they don’t operate in your close circle and absorb the same information you do. Rather, they can introduce you to “novel” (to you) information, etc.

Welcome to my world. I just finished up my management class in organizational behavior this morning. It was a fascinating, challenging look at why we do what we do in organizations, and how scholars/practitioners can understand organizational performance. As my program in communication studies is interdisciplinary, I’m grateful to have found another niche to study that is actually related to my area of interest. To bring this around to my initial discussion: My weak ties in management may translate to my first publication!

I’m cautiously ECSTATIC because my management prof liked my final term paper so much that he has offered to send it to an editor he knows at a prestigious journal in the org behavior field. He asked me if that would be “Okay” and if I would be interested in working with him on it further this summer. Yeah. “Okay.” I think that could work. Really?? That would KICK ASS! I tried not to run squealing out of his office!

Additionally, I have a connection for my management friend to conduct his service infusion study, and another friend has an introduction for me to a spirituality in the workplace researcher. This weak tie stuff is awesome!

Anyway, that’s today’s nerd alert news broadcast for you.


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