Rings and things

I’m writing to you naked today. Exposed. Without cover. Well, my left hand anyway. As salacious at that opening sentence pretended to be, I’m talking rings and things friends. Yesterday I picked up T’s band and dropped mine off for sizing, soldering and rhodium-dipping, oh my! It pains me to think that I’m sans-sparkler for two and a half weeks. The thing is, it’s not even the bling, although that’s nice. It’s the weight of it. The twisting on my finger as I type. And the fear! I’ve been warned of the severe consequences that would come with losing the rock and every time I look down and see it’s gone, I feel a cold twinge of panic.

Yes, yes, I know I’m being melodramatic. What’s new?

On the other hand, it is SO COOL to see T’s ring. I’ve been hefting my mine (ha) for the last year. To see the first evidence of husbandness kind of rocks. And that reminds me, must to be making a ring bearer pillow or something to that effect. Or maybe I’ll go the lazy route and turn the ring bearer into a Bible boy. I’m sure I have a Bible laying around somewheres.

In other wedding related news… fleurs are finit! Bouquet/wreath making starts toute de suite. Again, for the 18th time, stay tuned for the how-to.

Back to work.


Photo credit/fabulous ring design from A. Jaffe

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