Thursday 13: To-dos for the next 23 days

Reminder: As you peruse this drivel, do recall that I warned you this blog thing might become a bridal bitch fest from time to time! It’s almost over, I promise!

I’m starting to feel time crunch, so bear with me as I regale you with 13 to-dos that must be accomplished in the next 23 days before the hitching. Your wishes of luck and crossed up fingers will be greatly appreciated.

1. Fleurs. According to my marm, there are only a couple hundred left to sew. MONSTER props to my mom and sis Emily for going gangbusters on fleur production. Hooray for flower power! Now we need to transform the almost-done pretties into bouquets, wreaths and boutonnieres.

2. Summer school teaching. Sooner rather than later, I must finish up my summer school class online. We’re finishing up week four and I have to say: I am excited to be done! Only a few student complaints to combat, and some essays to grade. And then: “freedom.”

3. Summer school project. Must to be finishing 3 interviews for my workplace peer friendships project. Then analyzing data. I’m so behind on this paper. Me thinks it will be what I’m working on during the grand moon adventure, although let’s see how productive I can be in the next three weeks!

4. Reception decoration coordinator. Need to find one of these types to coordinate the reception decorating process while the bridal party is taking photos. T says I’ll never find one if I don’t ask someone. Volunteers can submit their applications online! πŸ˜‰

5. Ceremony music. After meeting with our fabulous DJ, it occurred to me that I hadn’t spent one solitary minute thinking about music. Must to be choosing ceremony tunes… processionals, recessionals, entrance songs, first dance songs… too many to choose from! Your suggestions will be in vain!

6. Program and vows. 23 days to go and we haven’t figured out the program (no judging!). Probably should sit down with Pastor Dan one of these days! Any fabulous customs we should integrate? (No sand or candles please.) I’m intrigued by handfasting but haven’t investigated anything else.

7. Stationery and such. Yeah, still on the to-do list. Once said ceremony is worked out, I must get to designing the program. And there are still favors to figure out. Oh the cutting and folding in my future!

8. Fall course prep. So I’m teaching a fabulous course in the fall about relational leadership. AND, I get to make the whole thing up myself! Now, I just need to sit down, read the book I picked, and design the damn thing. Reeeaaalllly need to do that now and not put it off till August, otherwise I shall be hurting.

9. Drip irrigation. Before we leave, I need to set my garden up with a small drip irrigation kit I bought at Home Depot last year. And when I say “I,” I do mean Mr. T. I tried to figure out the hoses and tubies, but really? Pipe cutting is not my forte. After trying to discern the directions, it was evident they’d been written in Klingon before being translated into English. Not exactly helpful.

10. Moon madness. As we set get ready to take to the skies for the hopscotch honeymoon, I’ve gotta figure out where we’re going and what we need when we get there. 18 nights away from home… should I bring stuff to do laundry? Or just try to pack 18 outfits. (I don’t know if I own that many underoos at this point.) Hmm. Suggestions? Also, does anyone have must-see suggestions for Sedona, Santa Fe, Eureka Springs, Hannibal, Mackinac, Colorado Springs and Moab???

11. Wardrobe! Speaking of packing, I’d like some cute things to wear while we galavant across the country. Of course with my un-penchant for clothes shopping and the dearth of money trees in my backyard, I’m guessing my normal duds will have to do! (Although, I did just buy the CUTEST pair of shoes at the Rack. On clearance, of course.)

12. Emily’s birthday photo shoot. For my soon-to-be niece’s 13th birthday, I offered to do a fabulous fashion photo shoot. Would like to get that squeeze in the first week of July if possible, especially now that I have a fabulous new camera. (Emily, are you reading this?! Clear your calendar and get your cameo ready!)

13. Finding some breathing room. So I took the dress to the seamstress the other day for to have the bustle put in. Well, I haven’t tried the thing on in awhile and lordy, it was a snug fit! It’s a (freaking) corseted frock so I don’t expect it to feel like pajamas, but breathing would be a nice bonus for my wedding day. Me thinks some firming up around the middle would help things out in the air supply department. Henceforth: More gym (ugh), less eating (UGH), and some serious prayer. Feel free to join in on the prayer part! πŸ˜‰

That’s all for now.


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Photo credit of lovely, lovely Sedona, our first moon stop, here.

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