Hopscotch Honeymoon Part I: Sacramento to Sedona

Waving goodbye to family and friends at Aviators the day after the wedding.
First stop Calaveras (home to the frog jumping contests) for cheap gas.
Commentary has briefly swept Facebook about whether I am, in fact, naked in this picture.
Over the Sierras. They call it Half-Dome for a reason!
A little bumpy but we didn’t have much trouble with weather despite the major thunderstorms about.
Volatile desert weather.
Gorgeous Sedona
Can’t get over the breathtaking red rocks
Plus T made a kick-ass landing at a tough little airport there.
A very happy pilot husband!
Gettin’ artsy in Sedona.
On the balcony of our hotel.
Driving around Sedona.
They seemed really fond of bronzes in downtown Sedona.
Happy but totally exhausted Mr. T.
Can’t get over how much I like seeing T with a ring.
Whilst traveling, we pick up dining suggestions from locals. For our first honeymoon meal, we ended up at the Cowboy Grill or something like that. First up? A sampler platter with (from bottom right) Burmese python brochettes, cactus fries and buffalo brochettes on top of cilantro flat breads. Pretty darn tasty. Python tastes of chicken with a flaky fish consistency.
Fountain at the Sedona Rouge. It was a beautiful hotel but the highest praise I can give: The beds were TO DIE FOR. Although we could have slept like rocks after the wedding extravaganza, the beds were so noticeably comfortable that I just have to rave.
Driving around Sedona.
Airport panorama.
The Reddens.

Next stop: Santa Fe, New Mexico.


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