Hopscotch Honeymoon Part IV: Visiting Mark Twain in Hannibal, MO

Flying from Arkansas to Missouri.
Hannibal, MO!
Landing in Hannibal. Because of the teeny downtown historical district, we called the only cab in town for a ride. There were unibrows present, in case you were wondering.
Our temporary abode, the Reagan’s Queen Anne.
Built in 1889 and maintained by two kooky innkeepers, Norm & Judy.
Sadly, it was too hot and humid to enjoy the veranda.
Loved the Victorian architecture.
Inside was very, very, very busy.
The decor ran from period-esque pieces to Goodwill chic.
Dining was very formal. Breakfast at 8:30 sharp with dainty China and food that ran the gamut of goodness for me. First day, DELECTABLE orange french toast. The second day, crustless quiche. Ick. Ick. Ick. (Of course, as T reminds me, many people in the world like quiche. It’s not their fault I have egg issues.)
Another tub, this time sans shower. It’s amazing how much water damage I can do when left to my own devices.
Dig the claw foot.
We had the Captain’s Room which was actually the entire third floor.
The bathroom was probably two bedrooms previously.
The other half of the bathroom. Seriously huge.
The view from our room: downtown Hannibal and the Mississippi River!
In the adjoining room were twin beds and lots of wooden furniture.
Beautiful tree-lined streets.
Self-portraits in Hannibal.
My kind of town.
Loved the funky brick buildings.
Lots of businesses and buildings are abandoned right now, unfortunately.
As you can see, Mark Twain’s name is plastered all over the town.
Enjoyed the colors and textures. Was sad to see so many run-down buildings and dilapidated homes though.
The butter pecan of my dreams.
Tons of cute shops.
One of the oldest buildings in Hannibal.
See what I’m saying? Mark Twain as far as the eye can see.
Of course, we had to take a riverboat ride.
Mark Twain was a riverboat pilot for four years.
The name “Mark Twain” comes from a riverboat term that basically means the water is safe/deep enough to pass through.
More riverboats.
View of Hannibal from the Mississippi. The region received a record amount of rain just before we arrived and so the flood gates were up still.
The only icky thing about Hannibal was the heat/humidity. It was just about miserable, so we had shaved ice on the boat. T had strawberry.
I picked raspberry.
Along the river near Tom Sawyer’s island, we saw a bald eagle.
Tim inside of the Huck Finn house.
Mark Twain’s childhood home.
Loved Grant’s Drug Store.
Interesting pills and potions.
Monsieur Twain.
Cool old church.
Established in 1878 if I’m not mistaken.
Lula Belle’s was formerly a bordello. Today they specialize in hugemongous portions of delicious food.
The Pasta Danielle for Two could have fed a small country.
As could the Chocolate Bomme. Chocolate and coffee ice cream with an oreo crust and fudge ribbon, dipped in chocolate shell and drizzled with chocolate. Oh. My.
After recovering from the bomme, we headed to Chillicothe, MO to meet friends.

Next stop: Chillicothe, MO!


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