Thursday 13: Thoughts from the moon

In honor of honeymoon central, I will spend this week’s Thursday 13 rambling about the moon and all it’s glory. (I promise this wedding crazy will end some day)

1. Vacay. Being on vacation ROCKS.
2. Unplanning. Not planning a wedding is quite satisfying. Although I anticipated some post-event depression (e.g., what will I look forward to next?), the absence of planning is absolutely fabulous.
3. Excuses. Ordering guacamole. Buying dark chocolate almond turtles. Splurging on a massage. These “Because we’re on our honeymoon” excuses are pretty darn handy.
4. Eating.

Caprese salad at Ermilio’s in Eureka Springs, AR.

Now this is a blessing and a curse. Stay tuned for a compendium of food shots at the end of the trip. It’s only day 5 and we’ve sampled some delightful cuisine. However, it’s been way too much delightful cuisine and out east, they don’t seem to be as fond of their vegetables as we Californians are. Lord, it will be back to rabbit food come August 5!
5. Reading. Wedding madness, like school, left little time for pleasure reading. With our hours in the airplane, I’m enjoying catching up on my pages. So far I’ve sped through a Nora Roberts trash romance and “Modern Cinderella” circa 1918. Today I picked up a book on the Titanic here in Hannibal, I’ll let you know how it goes.
6. Flying around the U.S.

Somewhere between Oklahoma and Arkansas.

Although people seem to think we’re crazy for our hopscotch honeymoon, getting to see the U.S. from a few thousand feet is incredible. The landscape changes, the topography, the insane mansion homes hidden among the hovels… it’s remarkable to see everything from the air.
7. Americana.

Wagg’s BBQ in Woodward, OK.

Calaveras, CA. Woodward, OK. Benton County, AR. Hannibal, MO. Stopping in itty bitty towns around the country and meeting salt of the earth folks is a pretty cool experience.
8. Ameri-crazy.

Christ of the Ozarks, aka Big Giant Jesus or Sideline Jesus.

Umm, who sees the third largest Jesus statue in the world on their honeymoon? We do! By stopping in random places, we’re seeing incredibly random things like Big Giant Jesus, aka Jesus of the Ozarks.
9. Hospitality.

Delicious cake at Mount Victoria B&B in Eureka Springs, AR.

As West coasters, I think we’re conditioned to be less friendly and more skeptical. Out in the Midwest, I’m enjoying the friendliness and relaxed hospitality. I hope some of it comes home with me!
10. Romance.

In Santa Fe.

People get all smooshy when they find out it’s our honeymoon. Must admit, I love the romance of it all! I especially like that T puts up our “just married” sign at every airport stop.
11. B&Bs. I’ve only visited one B&B prior to this trip. It’s been cool to experience historical homes and the crazies who run them. Robert and his partner Randy made seriously tasty cookies in Santa Fe. Frankie got snippy with us for being late to the treehouses in Eureka Springs. Chris (and Lisa) cooked gourmet meals, attended to our every need and offered commentary on the entire town of Eureka Springs including the bookstore owner who literally boos and hisses bikers. Norm and Judy have a thousand directives for their victorian in Hannibal. All in all, getting a slice of individual and community culture is entertaining.
12. Humidity. On my “OMG I HATE THIS” list is the humidity. It’s been the worst in Hannibal so far and it reminds me why I left Lincoln, NE without looking back. Hello frizzy hairs. The good news? At least your skin looks dewy. Hmm.
13. Love stuff.

Leaving the Turquoise Bear Inn in Santa Fe.

My favorite part is building memories with my new husband. Teehee.


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