Hopscotch Honeymoon Part II: A brief stop in Santa Fe

After a bit of rest in Sedona, we packed up early and headed to Santa Fe. Unfortunately, our hop to New Mexico was really about making our way further east and not sight-seeing. I hope to come back to the area in the next few years and actually get to visit the many art galleries, churches and historic sights. Until then, these photogs will have to do!

Between Sedona and Santa Fe.
T plans gas stops around cheap fuel, usually at itty bitty towns and not major airports like Sedona or Santa Fe. Unfortunately as we went to land at our first stop, the runway was closed for painting. The dialogue went something like this… Tower: “Runway closed for painting.” Pilot: “F*&%!” Wife: “We okay?” Pilot: “Not really.” Wife: “F*&%!” Of course, we were just fine and landed at another little airport with plenty of fuel to spare. Still don’t plan to repeat the experience though!
Landing for gas in Winslow, AZ.
Weather over New Mexico.
T totally buzzed mesas out in the desert. It’s remarkably gorgeous country, even in the dead of summer.
Storms brewing over New Mexico. We could see lightening flash every so often. T assures me that if we get struck by a bolt, it should pass right through us, no harm. The airplane should be okay too! 😉
Landing in New Mexico, my 39th state.
Coming in to Santa Fe.
Inn of the Turquoise Bear in Santa Fe.
Inn of the Turquoise Bear in Santa Fe, a historic home.
Our room. My only complaint was the lack of A/C. If we venture out to this place again, it will be in the fall or winter so we can make use of the wood stove (not pictured).
Our balcony.
Unlike a regular hotel room, we had a separate bathroom complete with claw foot tub. These things are more difficult to navigate for shower purposes than I realized given that I am not 5 feet tall.
A look down from the balcony at the Inn of the Turquoise Bear.
We stayed in the Witter Bynner master bedroom.
Decor elements featured Native American influences and art from New Mexico, Mexico, Peru and Spain.


Dining room at the inn where our proprietors served breakfast “Southern Alabama-style” meaning tasty biscuits and gravy for me!
Colt was one of the inn-dogs, a 145-pound beast. He was sweet but quite the beggar!
Driving around Santa Fe.
Driving around Santa Fe.
I loved all of the old adobe buildings.
At the airport in Santa Fe. When we were waiting to take off, an airplane came in with an emergency, one engine feathered. Whilst waiting for him to land, I noticed how many snakes were snatched up by hawks. Ick.
Leaving Santa Fe and heading for Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

Next stop: Eureka Springs, Arkansas.


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