Hopscotch Honeymoon Part VII: Oshkosh b’gosh! part 3

Getting into the Oshkosh groove, we started Tuesday with donuts (woohoo!), warbirds and moving the airplane, uh-gain. As we were one of the last airplanes to make it in on Sunday due to the previous flooding, we originally parked on the innermost taxiway, right next to one of the main runways. Monday, they moved us as far as they could… just on the opposite side of the taxiway, but still past the flightline, an FAA no-no. And so, we had to move once more. This time Tim must have really pissed off the parking gods because they moved us to the back 40. Literally, the South 40 lot in a whole ‘nother county practically (see photo below)! As you recall, I don’t pack light and I was already dreading the miles-long walk. Luckily, the volunteers took pity on us and helped us shuttle our things back and forth via golf cart. All in all, it just added to the character of the trip and I look back and smile.

Breakfast of champions. With one exception, I sampled the famous EAA donuts every day. HIGHLY recommended!
When we moved the airplane the first time, a volunteer remarked to T: “What kind of man takes his new bride to Oshkosh on the honeymoon??” I joked that I was running for wife of the year and he told me his wife already won. They’d gone to Oshkosh on their honeymoon 20 years previously (or something like that). As a present, he gave us two tickets to ride the 1929 Ford Tri-Motor, a highlight of our trip!
View from the Ford Tri-Motor.
I love the wood paneling and antique detailing. Definitely not like this on Southwest!
I love that the seats are just chairs bolted-down!
Oshkosh from above.
We had engines in the way, but the view was still pretty cool.
Yeah, we are totally in the fourth-to-last row. Ugh.
Gorgeous countryside. And a big giant engine.
The Tri-Motor ran every 15-20 minutes all day long for the entire week of Oshkosh.
Gotta love the panoramas.
Me and Toby, the newest DGA (Tim’s flying group) airplane, an RV-8.
When you built your airplane from scratch like Stan did, you get preferred parking!
RVs everywhere!
So cool seeing mustangs everywhere and being able to get up close.
P-40s are one of my favorites.
Mustang nose.
Sea Fury sides.
C-47 (DC-3) in the warbird section. Because of the flooding there weren’t as many planes as usual. Just gotta go back next year I suppose!
DC-3 with rad nose art.
A-26 with Achmed hanging out. I love that T can identify these planes for me just by the noses.
OV-1D Mohawk. I know this because my husband (HUSBAND, ah!) is a walking aviation encyclopedia.
Looking in the exhaust parts of a friend’s L-39. This bird won “Best L-39” this year.
T-28s in the airshow.
One of my favorite pictures from all of Oshkosh.
Supermarine Seafire, MK XV. Only one in existence.
Tim’s in his happy place.
A real Japanese Zero.
Waiting for dinner at Lake Winnebago.
Me and T at Wendt’s By the Lake.
“Why you keep taking my picture, woman?”
Mark, Sue, Nick and Kerry. Pretty cool hanging out with friends mid-moon.

Next up: Wednesday and Thursday in Oshkosh. Then Traverse City and Mackinac!!


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