Thursday 13: Life snapshot

So I’m totally copying my friend Jehara this week. Again. I can’t help it! A snapshot sounds like fun. And so for this Thursday 13, my present life: the snippet version.

1. A recent photo: 

I love this photo from our friend Sue Wiseman. It’s immediately post-wedding and pre-reception. We’re walking outside to take pictures at the Aerospace Museum. Although they’re half-hidden, I’m reminded how much I love my sparkly shoes!

2. Location: Cactus Land with intermittent trips to Sactown.

3. Last book I read: Kushiel’s Dart by Jacqueline Carey. Hello naughty! It’s a fantasy novel set in a Renaissance-esque time period with a Greek mythology feel. Oh, with courtesans. Impossible to describe but gripping. I’m currently pissed my friend Kristin who recommended it. It’s the first 600-pager in a TRILOGY. Not getting to THOSE before Christmas. 🙁

4. Something fun: Today is the first day of school. Both of my classes kicked ass! New beginnings are what make teaching fun it seems.

5. Last thing I cooked: Now this is sad. I can’t remember! Me thinks it was last week at home. Ah yes, chicken/vegetable curry.

6. Last place I ate out: Technically, last night at the “Welcome back” social hour at this Mexican restaurant called Macayo’s. The last real meal was from PaPaYa Thai across the street from my new apartment. They won “best curry” in 2009!

7. Something new: So, I have this new husband guy, right? Well, I also have this new roommate dude. It’s day four of roomiedom and it’s going quite well. Matt is super sweet and although he’s younger than me and makes me feel like the old married lady that I am, is ahead of me in school. He is a wealth of information and assistance, and more than that, he’s a sweetheart. Plus, he’s from Oahu and is teaching me random words in Hawaiian.

8. Something that made me laugh: I did a huge photocopy job today. Like several trees worth. As I was collating, I realized I completely screwed up. Like photocopied (double-sided) only the odd numbers. Don’t ask me how. I hysterically laughed at myself in the end (after the swearing stopped). Some days I wonder how they’ll ever give me a PhD.

9. Something that made me cry: Although not the ridiculous cry fest of last year (with lights and sirens), I did tear up a bit taking T to the airport last weekend. I really hate goodbyes!

10. Something I’m looking forward to: Going home! I’m a wuss and bought a ticket for this weekend. Cold turkey Mr. T absence is not for me!

11. Something I’m thankful for: Community at school. Being back this week and visiting with folks makes me realize what a special little community I’m part of and how nice it is to be involved with quality people.

12. Something I want to remember: To savor the moment. So often I get caught up in what’s coming or what I’m planning. In seeing the last year fly by like nobody’s business, I’m reminded to savor every minute of the time I have.
13. A photo I took: 

Sunset around Keokuk, IA


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