Thoughts in brief (and in briefs, in case you were wondering)

Due to the realization that blogging on homework days is really just procrastinating, here are some snippets of things I *would* write about if I wasn’t consumed with articles on sensemaking, social construction of reality and writing research proposals. Oh the exciting life of a doctoral student!
A few things:

1. Happy birthday Marm! As Facebook was so kind as to remind me that today is Ann Poffenberger’s birthday, I wrote a message on my mom’s wall. (Such a strange concept to wrap my mind around even with an admitted Facebook addiction.) I said I wouldn’t tease her too hard about being 50 because if she’s 50, that means I’ll be 30 soon. Strange!

2. I’m officially a grown-up, the only things I get in the mail are catalogues and bills. How on earth do these companies find me? LL Bean, Direct Paper, Fitness-R-Us (or something like that), Horses-R-Us (you buy ONE horse gift), you name it. I despise the amount of paper wasted!

3. Honey roasted peanuts are back in 2011! After eating “lightly salted” legumes for the last 9 months, I finally asked a flight attendant when the sweet seeds are coming back. She told me that Southwest alternates peanut varieties by year. Only a few months until honey roasteds come back! (The things you learn on Southwest)

4. Milestones are always remembered. For instance, although the tragedies of September 11 happened almost a decade ago, I remember exactly where I was when I heard the news and I remember exactly how strange the world felt. Now? I hope the day passes without incident and that our country can continue to heal.

5. Loved ones are never forgotten. Yesterday marked the third birthday that my friend Andrea did not get to celebrate. She would have been 28. I still remember junior high times and getting her a birthday Cookie Monster. It helps to have happy memories but thinking of a life cut short is depressing.


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