Insomnia, I loathe thee

Although it may be too early to claim actual insomnia, I should be asleep right now. I’ve been flirting with a cold of some sort–sore throat, runny nose, feverishness–and I could use extra sleep. And yet. It’s 11:18 I cannot get the brain to shut off. I feel like writing, but I am too scattered to concentrate on a topic. For instance, I could tell you about my classroom observation this morning and the preceding nightmare from last night (It involved teaching my class in a casino restaurant running from room to room repeating myself and screaming over the din of the slot machines). Or I could ramble about woes and wonders of qualitative research methods (I love taking a 3-credit class with 9-credits worth of work). Or I could even babble about the trials of new wifeliness, the delightful gallons of soup I concocted over the weekend, or perhaps, what it’s like to fly in a rare (and tiny!) 1940 Culver Cadet.

If it looks small, that’s because it is. The Cadet barely fits two across. And hand-cranking the gear with a passenger is interesting! Can’t move out of the way!


One of about 14 flying Culver Cadets in the world. Built in 1940, you’ll notice the rope on the tail wheel. Yeah, that’s to hold the plane in place while the pilot hand-props it. Not my favorite part of the process!

But I shan’t. I can’t work up the oomph to pen a full post on any of those topics. So I will turn a question back to you: What do YOU folks do to cure this insomnia business? Warm milk? A bath? Books? Do tell.

As for me, I will go back to laying awake for now.


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