I suck at resolutions and it’s okay.

The fourth week of school starts tomorrow seventh week of school ends on Friday and while perusing lesson plans, I ran across something laugh out loud funny: My list of new (school) year’s resolutions.

Seven weeks into my first tenure track job. Life be BUSY lately.

I wrote them as a draft blog post a couple weeks before school started, figuring a new school would be a good excuse to develop new habits. I included goals like: have classes completely prepped before the semester starts, write every day, stop procrastinating on grading, stay on top of email, no stress eating, and keep exercise program in effect, even when the mid-semester crunch hits.

What’s so damn funny to me is that four  seven weeks in, I’ve already broken so many of my cute little rules. Stay healthy? I was sick for a week last month. Prep all the things? On a week-to-week basis, sure. Grading? The 70 essays languishing in my bag are laughing. And writing? Oh, writing. While I’ve been more productive at it than semester’s past, thank you coauthor accountability, I’ve certainly not had time to do much more than edit lately.

All this on top of my regular list of New Year’s goals, most of which are undone, like finishing my pilot’s license, launching the new blogs, fitting into my pants (almost!), blogging every day, and sending my book proposal to an agent.


Rather than (continue to) feel guilty, however, I’ve decided to (try and) cut myself some slack. I completely underestimated the physical and emotional fatigue that accompanies starting a new job, let alone one in a different town with a big fat commute. The whole pace of life has changed and I feel like just surviving the first semester of my new role will be enough. Right?


P/S/ Although, Stan, dearest of flight instructors, if you’re reading, I will get that written done SOON. I swear.

Other goal setting stuff:

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