Thursday 13: Le hodgepodge

As I have been teetering on the edge of sanity this week (really, this month), I contemplated foregoing my Thursday 13. Despite the endless 16 hour days, I still have articles to read, field notes to craft and a paper to finish (due by midnight!). BUT, I figure everyone should get a dinner break right? Eat a sandwich, blog some sanity? Here’s hoping it works. In lieu of an actual theme, I give you a hodgepodge of things that occurred to me this week.

1. To dogs, you’re the whole world.

Scout likes to help with homework.

I’m house-sitting for a professor this week. When I say house-sitting, I mean dog-sitting for two absolutely adorable but demanding pups…with such distinct personalities! Scout has big soulful eyes, snuggles up close at any opportunity and seems personally wounded if you try to get work done instead of pet him. Nicky on the other hand, is a terror! Really sweet, but devious and full of energy. He steals socks (and shoes!) and can even open doors. You really have to keep an eye on that one. But the fun part? Walking in the door after a LONG day at school and being welcomed, loudly. They seem genuinely delighted to see me even if I am just a substitute parent (and the key to the lil smokies!).

2. Politics bring out the worst in people. I toyed with writing a “Why I hate politics” Thursday 13, but I didn’t feel like starting any battles. Suffice to say, the biggest thing I hate about politics is the mudslinging between campaigners and supporters alike. I have heard the NASTIEST comments online in the last couple weeks, many from my own friends. I know I sound like Pollyanna here, but what’s wrong with being nice? Can’t we make our points, defend our positions, and still use civil dialogue? Making alienating and disparaging comments about the opposition only makes us look foolish. And mean!

3. Good things come in threes. This week I aced my sensemaking seminar, kicked butt on a research proposal, and got a $750 research grant. Woot!

4. Three weeks is too long. To be away from home anyway. I’m approaching day 11 apart from T and I’m Ms. Crankypants, in case you were wondering.

5. 40 days left until the end of my semester. “40 days” was my status update today and a friend asked if I was building an ark. My response? May as well be, although mine will be made of paper and ink, and will be filled with ideas instead of animals. Let’s hope I get the figurative ark finished before the flood!

6. Research is cool. Because I don’t have enough going on in my life, I volunteered to help a professor with a research project this semester. Although we’re still in the formulating stages, we’ll be examining how sharing stories in Alcoholics Anonymous helps people in the process of recovery and developing sober identities. Should be interesting.

7. Fall is a fallacy. It was 90 in Cactus Land today. I wore a skirt, sleeveless top and sandals. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE???

8. No “fall back” for me. Speaking of Fall, Arizona is one of two states in the union that does not observe Daylight Saving Time. Thus, there will be no “falling” back for me this weekend. Boo for being on Mountain time again.

9. It’s “saving” not “savings.” I used to put together the calendar for the hospital I worked at right after college.  It was a surprisingly huge amount of work getting together the next year’s ACCURATE dates and holidays. And that includes denoting Daylight Saving Time correctly, sans S. (I only needed to be yelled at once to learn that lesson for life! Scary huh?)

10. Christmas is almost here! To annoy my friends online, I posted a self-portrait of me and a Christmas display at Target. Yes, I absolutely think it’s nuts for the Christmas stuff to be out at Halloween, but I can’t help but LOVE IT all the same.

11. And your friends need jewelry. I may have mentioned my friend Kristi’s online jewelry shop before, but if you haven’t checked out Mischief by Loki, I suggest you do so, stat. Kristi handcrafts the most creative and stunning pieces. With Christmas around the corner, you might be able to find some beautiful gifts at the touch of a button! (You can also find her on Facebook and Twitter.)

12. Strong moms rock. My sister-in-law (that’s still fun to say!) posted this link today, a blog post from a mom whose little boy dressed like Daphne from Scooby Doo for Halloween. I loved her perspective and reactions to the “concerned” moms at kindergarten. Bravo for strong moms!

13. Oatmeal makes me laugh. My favorite new blog is The Oatmeal. Their recent post on car accoutrement is perfection. (Be warned, there is some strong language.)


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