Going to Hawaii “on business”: Photos and things

Sometimes it feels like I live in an alternate reality. In what world do GRAD STUDENTS get sent to Hawaii  for “business” purposes? Well, this is the second time it’s happened to me, and I have to say I both adore and abhor it. The adoring part, as you’ll see below, comes from being in the most beautiful place on the earth. The abhoring part, as you might imagine, comes from being in the most beautiful place on earth and having to do actual bonafide work. Blech.

Happily, I survived. I was even a social butterfly, having meals with not one but three friends who happened to be on the island. (I love that I hadn’t seen two of them since they graduated college in 2003. Thank you Hawaii for reminding me how much I like my friends.) In even better news, my focus group went well and we got really useful data from five recovering substance users who gave us insight into addiction in Pacific Islander cultures. (See here for details on the overall project)

Next up: Chicago. Until then, enjoy some pictures of paradise. Imagine the sound of crashing waves and birds singing, warm humidity enveloping you, the scents of sunscreen and the sea, and the taste of fresh tropical fruits.


View of Waikiki from right outside of my hotel room.
Vista of Honolulu from one of two balconies in my room. Ah!
The most incredible balcony ever. To my left, Diamond Head.
To my right: The sea. If I couldn’t play in the ocean, at least I could stare at it from my balcony while (not) doing my homework!
Panoramas with the camera T gave me for Christmas a couple years ago.
I have 7,000 other panoramas, in case you’re interested.
Lobby of the Lotus at Diamond Head.
Me and the sea. (Pretend you can actually see the ocean behind me.)
Ventured into Waikiki to grab breakfast. Walked along the ocean thinking I was the ONLY one in Waikiki reading journal articles. For sure.
Somehow, I restrained myself from jumping in fully clothed.
Birds in a giant banyan tree.
Thanks to this solo adventure in paradise, I’m coercing T into planning a summer getaway. Of course, we’ll be taking my Southwest companion pass somewhere in the continental 48, but maybe a fruity beverage will invoke tropicalness?
My (rude) sister found it *hilarious* that I was in Hawaii alone. I only felt pity-eyes during meals though. “Table for… one?” “No, of course not. My homework is joining me. I’ll be dining with preeminent communication scholars, thankyouverymuch.”
In Waikiki, there are parrots at the mall. I’m pretty sure this one was flirting with me.
Downtown Waikiki walking past high end shops. I prefer the more rural areas of Hawaii, but as a pedestrian, I was city-bound. Still fabulous to be so close to the water!
Hawaiian plate. Chicken, fish and sliced beef with rice, kim chi and macaroni salad. According to my Hawaiian roomie Matt, it’s standard to serve rice and macaroni salad with almost every meal. No complaints here!
I will admit harboring serious vacation envy toward all of these people. Hundreds of folks just having fun. With no homework. Just fun. SOME DAY!
Sunrise over Honolulu on leaving day. 🙁

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