An apartment on wheels, all hail the Corolla-mobile

We crammed all this plus blankets, another small suitcase, a closet full of
clothes, two adults and a backpack in a Toyota Corolla.

I’ve joked that the trunk of my Corolla is big enough to transport bodies. Now I’m thinking “bodies of sperm whales” might only be a slight exaggeration.

On Tuesday, Mr. T and I made the LAST trek from Cactus Land to Sactown with a fair share of my worldly possessions in tow. Although I happily donated all furniture to my former roommate and Stand Up for Kids, a Phoenix area non-profit that does outreach with homeless youth, I was still left with two years worth of stuff. Two years worth of academic papers and books and artwork. Two years worth of crap that needed to be boxed, hefted down from our third floor abode, and crammed, somehow, into my Corolla.

With T’s ingenious cram-abilities, I left with 95% of the things I planned to… Three suitcases, 10 paper boxes, five framed pieces of art, three duffel bags, one computer system, a closet full of hanging clothes, several blankets and way too many odds and ends to count. Add to that two full sized adult types and an itty bit of breathing room, and you can imagine what my temporary low-rider looked like.

The drive was mostly uneventful. From 72-degree Phoenix, we hit a strangely frigid California and enjoyed a late Spring storm all the way home. Twelve hours in the car isn’t exactly a perfect day, but I did dork out periodically with “I’m going HOME!” exclamations that I’m certain helped the time pass more quickly (right, T?).

Unloading took 30 minutes flat. To aid the unpacking process, I’ve scheduled a party in three weeks. Partly it’s to celebrate my return home, my impending oldness, and finally getting to live with my husband. But mostly, it’s to force me to put away my junk and perhaps, just perhaps, store the Christmas tree that is just out of frame to the right.

Until then…

A happy Sacramentan

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