Amusing search terms: Google analytics, I adore you

The only versions worth spending money (and calories) on are the
double-dipped caramel and chocolate. In the plain chocolate,
toffee and almond realm, I prefer Haagen Daaz.

Southwest flight 812. Trader Joe’s Candy Cane Joe Joe’s. Pictures of mushrooms. Poppies.

Strangely, I have these terms to thank for a significant portion of traffic to the Blue Muse.

Periodically, I peek at the Blogger “stats” tab to track activity on this site. What posts are popular? What are people reading? How do people find me? While most traffic seems to come from my fabulous followers, Facebook and occasionally, Twitter, I’m often amused at the search terms that bring readers here.

While phrases like “violation movies” make me squeamish (that’s what I get for putting “expectation violation” in a title), I love, love, love statements like “help, I’m addicted* to magnum ice cream.” I giggled my head off at that one. More amusing though was the phrase “shawna malvini naked,” which came in last week. Oh my. Of course, I posted a cheeky comment (pun intended) on Facebook and the phrase popped up four more times, thank you dear friends. Wishful thinking, for the record. (I’ll save you the trouble, the only photos of me online are PG-13 at best.)

I did get to thinking about search terms and search engine optimization. I should really pay better attention to my friend Ian Lurie over at Portent Interactive and his SEO wisdom because I don’t know that I do a good job at connecting blog titles to blog topics, or generating traffic in general. Ah well, it’s on the list of post-PhD things to do.

Suggestions in the mean time?


* I SO relate!

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