A grateful heart: A man who understands writing deadlines

So what if I found the actual 7-month old Little Debbie box in the laundry
room? It doesn’t surprise you that we recently hired a housekeeper, does it?

“I could use something sweet,” I told him via text message.

“Like what?” Mr. T replied.

“Hmm. Powdered sugar donuts.”


“Or Cadbury creme eggs. Or both!”


A few hours later, when T returned home from a frigid Sunday afternoon at the airport, he presented me with a box of Little Debbie snack cakes which I squealed to receive in my haven’t-left-the-house-in-days-I-vaguely-remember-taking-a-shower dissertation writing haze.

And then.

And then he turned around, buns out, and I saw the box of Cadbury eggs in his back pocket. You know, the convenient Shawna-sized four pack?

Yes, this is a man who understands writing deadlines and feeding the word-beast.

I was reminded of Mr. T’s wonderful caretaking this weekend when while attempting to squeeze my entire dissertation into a conference paper, he gave me ass-kicking encouragement and also kept me fed and watered. This meant T foraging for lunchtime burrito makings, reminding me to stay on task, retrieving Thai Sunday dinner dishes including meet-your-word-count-celebration egg rolls, refusing to smooch me until I got work done, and tonight, picking up take-n-bake pizza while I polished the last bit of manuscript.

As a writer and academic with constantly revolving deadlines, I am so appreciative of this care and support. Even if it contributes to my pants never fitting again, ever.


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