First anniversary fun, part I: Meandering around McMinnville, Oregon

In a definite homage to our Hopscotch Honeymoon (see here), Mr. T and I decided to celebrate our first year of marriage by packing up the Twin Comanche and taking a short hop up to the Pacific Northwest. Our first stop was McMinnville, Oregon to see friends and visit Evergreen Aviation, aka home of the Spruce Goose. It wasn’t an 18-day odyssey like the moon, but it was still a blast! See below for proof.


Departing over downtown Sacramento.


I always feel the need to prove that I’m on these trips with self-portraits.


Twice the levers, twice the fun?


On the trip, we passed near half a dozen gorgeous peaks, including Mt. Shasta.


Breathtaking scenery is one of my very favorite parts of flying general aviation.


Close proximity to Shasta.


I’m always trying to spot people or animals on these mountains, but to no avail.




Mr. T, pilot extraordinaire.


Fueling in Albany, OR. I had to laugh that in Oregon, it’s okay to fuel an airplane, but not an automobile without assistance. (Truly, it’s illegal to pump your own gas in Oregon!)


For a tiny airport, I was surprised to see this A4 hanging out.


McMinnville area.


I love the rich crop colors.


Landing at McMinnville. Luckily, the clouds broke up just as we set down.


A picnic lunch at DuPonte winery where our friend Taylor cooks on occasion. Somehow I left without stealing that garden art. It was a struggle, let me tell you.
I want a vineyard! (Not to raise grapes or anything, just to stare at. I never get tired of this image.)


Taylor and Mr. T. Taylor is a most excellent tour guide!


We met several of Taylor’s friends throughout our quick tour of town.


Rich red soil. Great for grapes, not so great for clothes, ah hem.


I’m only including one of my “grape leaf” series. You’re welcome.


At Red Hills Market where Taylor bought me the best macaroon in the WORLD. The world I tell you.


Mr. T’s thoughts on macaroons. Coconut hater!


Taylor asked if we wanted to meet his wife’s horse. I figured we’d go to a local stable.


We ended up at Devon Wood, a masterclass dressage facility where Jennifer was competing over the weekend. Wowza.


Rio is not shy about the carrots.


Beautiful boy!


I find this photo hi-larious. Inspiration for Taylor’s next Halloween costume, perhaps?


Crazy carrot-fiending eyes.




See what I’m saying? This horse doesn’t mess around when carrots are about.


Gigantic nostrils.


Devon Wood. Immaculate, state-of-the-art grounds.


Mr. T is incredibly pleased that the only horses I find seriously enthralling are P-51 Mustangs.


Twas like visiting a different world.


Would’ve liked to see some of the competition, but we arrived after the games had ended.


Natty, don’t you think?


Not bad, not bad.


Gigantic indoor arena.


My friend Kristin says these are oak loose boxes with rubber brick flooring, aka accoutrement that make this place worth more than my house.


Certainly cleaner, too. (I wish I were kidding.)


Taylor visiting. Note my cool sun flare!


Can you imagine seeing this everyday?


In keeping with the hopscotch spirit, we visited a quaint B&B. (For more on hopscotch B&Bs, click here.)


Love me a nice Victorian. This one is owned and operated by Jack and Denise, a lovely couple from the north of England. Such hospitality and warmth!


The temperate summer climate generates the most beautiful blooms.


A charming English garden.


Mollie, the all-but-deaf-and-blind sheep dog. Poor girl has seen better days but she was still quite friendly.


Well-appointed furnishings and decor. Our room was comfortable and featured the standard queen bed and clawfoot tub.


On Facebook, I commented that I resisted stealing this typewriter as stealing decor is poor form. Well, Mr. T pointed out that this is a calculator. Apparently I evaluate cuteness over function!


A dilapidated but still somehow charming woodshed.


Again with the big blooms. This may technically be a weed I think!

Up next: A visit to Evergreen Aviation (and the Spruce Goose!) and a tour of the place so nice, they named it twice.

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